New York Metro area choir


 Board of Directors

 Very Rev. Joseph Lickwar

 Aleksei Shipovalnikov

 Gene Bohensky

 Laura Detke

 Donald Freeman

 Stratos Mandalakis


 Shirley Lickwar – Treasurer

 Tanya Tjoa – Online Sales Manager

 Marian Babiak – Music Librarian

 Contact members (by e-mail):

 Choir Director:  Aleksei Shipovalnikov – 

President: Stratos Mandalakis –

 Webmaster:  A.J. –

 Music Library:  Marian Babiak –


Spirit of Orthodoxy Choir
About the Choir: The Spirit of Orthodoxy Choir was formed in 1997 and is pan-Orthodox, composed of singers from various Orthodox jurisdictions in the NY-NJ-PA area. The choir is committed to singing the great works of Orthodox music in the English language.