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A J Savastinuk

Thank you choir

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Words cannot express our thanks for the wonderful performance Sunday.  It was a privilege for us to be able to make music for the Glory of God in a space built to musically glorify God as has been His Will throughout the Scripture and throughout the history of HIs Church.

In Christ, Stratos & Aleksei


Our CD


two CD set

two CD set

Disc One

1. Bell

2. Cherubic
Hymn (Chesnokov)

3. Let
My Prayer Arise (Chesnokov)

4. The
Wise Thief (Chesnokov)

Blessed is the Man (Chesnokov)

6. Of
The Mystical Supper (Chant arr: Karam)

7. Behold
the Bridegroom (Moody)

8. Before
Thy Cross (Goncharov)

9. The
Wise Thief ( Turekov/Liasitsn/Staritsky)

Our Father (Greek)

11. My
Soul, Arise (Bortniansky)

Hear My Prayer, O Lord (Archangelsky)

13. Bells

Disc Two

14. Bells

Holy God (Traditional Greek)

16. Our
Father (Tavener)

Song of Athene (Tavener)

18. Salvation
is Created (Chesnokov)

19. Jerusalem
Bells (Ukrainian Carol)

20. Today
All Creation (Degtiarev)

Christ is Risen (Kastalsky)

22. The
Angel Cried (Chesnokov)

23. Christ
is Risen (Rachmaninov)

24. Sacred
Love (Sviridov)

25. Christ
is Risen (Trubachev)

26. Deep
River (Spiritual arr: Fettke)

27. St.
Ambrose Hymn (Bortniansky)

Many Years (Prokofiev)

29. Easter
Bells (Trezvon)




These are
samples of the songs found on the CD set . Click on the name to hear the clip.

Rehearsal for – Sunday of Orthodoxy Vespers Music

Wednesday. February 11
Saint Anthony Orthodox Church

385 Ivy Lane

Bergenfield, Nj

7:30 to 9:45 PM



We will continue our work on the music for the service.

Please download pieces for the rehearsal.

Files are this drop box.

Additional rehearsals scheduled for:

  • Thursday February 19
  • Wednesday February 25
  • 7:30 to 9:45 PM

RSVP needed —- Workshop Rehearsal for: Sunday of Orthodoxy Vesper Music

Saturday, January 31
Saints Peter & Paul Orthodox Church
109 Grand St.
Jersey City NJ

Driving Directions.

Call time with coffee and etc. Sing from 9:30 AM to Noon

Music/Rubrics specific to Lenten
Vespers will be our Concentration

Include: First/Last Name, Parish/Jurisdiction,Voice Part

Contact Us

RSVP NOW to be in Workshop.

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Spirit of Orthodoxy Choir
About the Choir: The Spirit of Orthodoxy Choir was formed in 1997 and is pan-Orthodox, composed of singers from various Orthodox jurisdictions in the NY-NJ-PA area. The choir is committed to singing the great works of Orthodox music in the English language.